How to create a MySQL database on 000webhost


This tutorial is a very simple one, any questions or queries feel free to post!

Step one
Login to your control panel and click on “Manage database”

Now you are going to want to click on “New Database” and you’ll have a form pop up and you can fill in the details.

  1. Database name - choose any name you want - if you are using WordPress call it WordPress for example
  2. Database username - choose any username you want - again I’ll choose WordPress
  3. Password - best to make it secure and random use some special characters in there

Now once you’ve created the database it should appear like below and you’ll be able to manage, delete and change the password if you need to.

If you click the manage button a new page should open and you’ll be allowed into phpMyAdmin to access the database directly.

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It was great, but, where i can loggin to PHPmyadmin? it ask me for an username and password, where i get it?


@hiamara Log in to your 000webhost account – “Manage Database” – “Manage” – “phpmyadmin”.