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Hello everyone. I’m sure a lot of you have noticed that a number of your website’s services have been working (or not working) at random intervals as of recently. The following services may have been affected: FTP File…

A must read before posting your topic! [Community support] (2)

Thank you for clicking on this thread :slight_smile: The content of your thread MUST CONTAIN * Your 000WEBHOSTAPP URL * Screenshots of the issue on your end * Any actions you’ve tried already to re…

How to point domain name to [Tutorials] (1)

After signing up to cloud hosting you will receive default website name such as This is very convenient because your website is instantly online. Website building can be …

How To Use Cloudflare For SSL [Tutorials] (4)

By default, 000webhost provides a secure connection for all subdomains. However, for custom domains, this is not the case. But with this method, you can setup your custom domain with a secure HTTPS conn…

Rate Limiting Policy [000webhost services] (2)

As this is free hosting, there are going to be limits. However, what is available on the 000webhost free hosting platform is often abused by spammers. Because of this, we have implemented a new policy that limits the num…

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