How to upload files to 000webhost?


There are 2 ways to upload files to 000webhost.

FTP - File transfer protocol

By default websites created on 000webhost has FTP disabled for security reasons.

To enable FTP access for your website do the following:

  1. Login your cpanel
  2. Select website you want to manage
  3. Go to Website Settings -> FTP details and turn on FTP transfer by sliding the button to ON status

What is my FTP username and password?

FTP username is your website name. For example so FTP username is my-website.

FTP password is what you have chosen during website registration. Password can be changed in Settings -> Password section

What is my FTP port?

FTP port is 21

Recommended FTP clients

FTP clients usually can use multiple FTP connections to transfer files, 000webhost has a limit of 5 max connections.

Web file manager

File manager can be accessed at

Username is your website name. For example so username is my-website.

Password is what you have chosen during website registration. Password can be changed in Settings -> Password section

Web based file manager has ability to extract ZIP files. Upload zip file and right click on it and choose Extract

Web file manager allows uploads up to 8MB. If you need to upload bigger files, use FTP.

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Hi Andrius,

I have 2 problems:

  1. I have UPGRADE my account to PRO, but everytime I want to upload files, I still see the yellow UPGRADE TO PRO button! Is that normal?
  2. After uploading 4 files, I always receive this sentence: “The service is not available” !!! Why is that?
    I am new to and wish to have your full support.


If you upgraded to pro, then you are now on Hostinger


How can I upload my files from there? Thanks.


They got a file manager in the cPanel